Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

Lieutenant of the Fleet

Trolls Under the Bridge

You get this custom miniature from our range of sci-fi miniatures. We call it Lieutenant of the Fleet and can be easily used in Imperial Guard HQ squad as Regimental Advisor. Scale is 28 mm, so it perfectly fits among other minis. It is high detail and perfect quality mini.
Mini has two optional heads – one normal, other with hostile environment equipment. Also include scenic base and paper box.
It's custom cast of resin and white metal. Number of minis is limited and will not be restock soon. Each box has its sequence number.

What you get:
Unpainted and unassembled resin and white metal miniature in paper box with full colour label.

Mini has these parts:

  • Body

  • Head (2 options)

  • Arm with sabre (metal)

  • Scabbard for saber (metal)

  • Scenic base


Mini scale is 28 mm