Trolls Under the Bridge

Trolls made miniatures

You get this custom miniature from our range of sci-fi miniatures. It is named El Ogryno. And there is a legend of this deadly sniper:


„His father was an excellent dwarfish sniper, his mother was famous as scout and jungle fighter. They both tought him everything they knew about their specialisation. He grew up pretty big after his mom, but his body retained his father's twisted proportions. He is a bastard, called El Ogryno(or just Ogi for friends if he has one) by his fellow combatants, which means "little Ogre" in local dialect of Agora system. He had been interrogated by the Inquisition several times, but his fighting abilities had saved his life in final instance. El Ogryno is a lone wolf, used to fight for his own survival against anybody.“


What you get

Unpainted and unassempled  mini from white metal in a paper box with color printed label

Mini has these parts:

  • Body
  • Right arm with sniper rifle
  • Machette (Kukri) in scabbard
  • 25 mm round base 


Mini scale is 28 mm